Role: As the Associate Director of Design and Publications at Pomfret I am in charge of the visual communication’s for the School. Following Pomfret’s 125th anniversary celebration, the school wanted to keep alumni participation and engagement building. So, we centered our communications efforts around a theme, Momentum.  Below are examples of some of the design projects I worked on. My role was to supply graphics to team members for email and manage the design and print production with our vendors for our print initiatives.

~ Personalized mailer for leadership donors ~


80# bright white felt card, 30# Translucent outer envelope, 65# Finch Fine cover reply card,  A6 24# white wove outer envelope.


Project Details:

For this mailer Pomfret wanted to target leadership donors. The variable data included recipients name and ask amount. Since this was targeting our top tier donors I really wanted it to stand out. The translucent envelope gave this a nice look in mail boxes and the felt paper, short fold on cover of card, and personalized nature made this piece feel special.

~ Email  Design ~




Project Details:

Often email is annoying. In this case the idea was to create a newsletter that was informative to alumni. Since momentum was the theme, I was tasked with branding the email with momentum in mind. I created a simple way to personify the word and illustrated the mathematical equation of P=MV to work in the context of Pomfret which was added to the end of the emails as a branded signature.

~ Magazine Feature ~

Project Details:

The goal of this article was to update alumni on the progress of the strategic plan. My goal as the designer was to make it easy to digest, aesthetically pleasing, and stand out as a substantial feature article. View full magazine.