Children’s Books
Jordan Kempain is a Graphic Designer in northeastern Connecticut. Available for freelance work.
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Children’s Books

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Mike & The Magic Marble

By Stephen Kempain |  Illustrated by Jordan Kempain


Mike was bored and a little lonely. There was no one around, and his Dad was in his office working. Mike loved his Dad but he always seemed too busy. He wished his dad would spend time with him and on their project. While he was playing alone in his back yard he came across a marble. He was puzzled because he didn’t play with marbles and he was sure the marble was moving when he first saw it. How did the marble get there?

“Naughty, Cira”

By Rachael Archand Martel |  Illustrated by Jordan Kempain


Cira, is a fluffy, gray kitten that likes to get into mischief. Mommy and Daddy tell her “no”, and suddenly, Cira is missing! Where could she be?
Inspired by the ”