Hi, my name is Jordan Kempain. I am a Graphic Designer with experience developing print and electronic communications for a wide range of corporate, educational, and non-profit organizations.





Painting, drawing, and sculpture have always been enjoyable and have come easily to me. My mother and aunt were both art teachers, and were hugely influential in encouraging me to pursue something in the arts. My Christmas gifts always included boxes of art supplies instead of toys.


On the contrary, my father is an extremely logical, business-minded man, and taught me to think with the left side of my brain. Graphic design has been the perfect combination of art and business because it allows me to consider marketing principles while still creating a final visual product. The artist in me is a perfectionist and drives me to create new and exciting things while the business side keeps me focused to meet deadlines and understand the marketing concepts needed to reach various audiences.




I bring a thermos filled with coffee to work everyday.


I taught myself tiling, electrical, contruction and plumbing by watching youtube videos.


Some of my hobbies include archery, fishing, and golfing


I played the Alto Saxophone in High School marching band

I have worked with a variety of clients and industries

Health & Wellness

  • Linemaster Medical
  • The Center for Bone and Joint Care
  • Jade Lotus Wellness
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Texas Power Athletics
  • Optimum Technologies


  • Pomfret School
  • Hyde School
  • Putnam Science Academy
  • The Williams School
  • Rectory School
  • Civics First
  • ePath Learning

Financial Services & Real Estate

  • Putnam Bank
  • Archambault Insurance
  • Covington Group
  • History Flips
  • Emerchants
  • PayPal


  • The Foreign Office Teas
  • Cottage Draperies & Interiors
  • Eventive
  • Deary Gymnastic Supply
  • Beaver Pines Campground
  • Freelance Services

  • I am available for contract work. Contact me if you need some design or illustration services.


    • Branding
    • Websites
    • Magazines
    • Annual Reports
    • Print Collateral
    • Digital & Print Advertising
    • Video Animation
    • Illustration
    • Wedding Invites
    • Email Marketing